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Among the bureaucracy, regulations, technology and economics, the quality of patient care and their experience has seemingly been forgotten in the delivery of our nation’s health services. OurCare was founded to change this by focusing on patient outcomes and their experiences through true personal connection.

We have committed to fostering a network of caregivers dedicated to exemplary patient experience and the best possible medical and wellbeing outcomes regardless of where care is being given. We empower this community to nurture human connection through professional caregiving and authentic personal attention.

Fundamentally, we are in a relationship-based services industry. For OurCare to be successful, we must nurture and preserve each of our relationships. Not just relationships with our clients, but the relationships with our caregivers and the communities we serve. The foundation of OurCare was created to nurture each of these elements, resulting in unparalleled patient satisfaction. As a result, the company is appropriately named OurCare. Together, we will.


Empowering Communities by Inspiring the Spirit of Human Connection


OurCare will shape and improve the standard of care in our communities. We will continually enhance technological resources and strengthen our network of caregivers dedicated to providing the best possible medical care resulting in exemplary patient experiences.

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